Corporate Finance Service

We are pleased to be able to offer a range of help to businesses looking to buy sell or expand their shareholder base. This details some of the main areas where we may be able to assist you.

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Assisting in valuing your target companies.
  • Assessing the financial and commercial benefits to be gained from a merger or acquisition.
  • Recommending the best way to structure and finance your deal.
  • Helping with the due diligence to ensure what you see is what you get!

Management Buy Outs and Buy Ins

  • Advising the management team on how to approach the owners to purchase their business.
  • Helping the management team in structuring their big and how the finance can best be arrange and structured.
  • Assessing the benefits and downsides.
  • Advising on the way forward post transaction from a financial and structuring point of view.
  • Provides an opportunity to raise finance, either for initial start-up or for expansion.

Preparing your Business for Exit and Sale

  • Prepare a detailed information memorandum of your business for prospective buyers.
  • Assess its specific business strengths, weaknesses and risk areas to deal with ahead of any sale.
  • Assisting in consideration of the options available.
  • Taxation advice on all aspects of an exit (there are many!)
  • Advising on the exit strategy that will maximise the achievement of your objectives.

Business and Share Valuations

  • Preparing a detailed report on the current value of your business.
  • Advising on how you might increase the existing value.
  • Agreeing values with HM Revenue & Customs where required.

Next Steps

To understand more regarding any of the above, please contact us to arrange an appropriate time to discuss your affairs in more detail and be fully aware of the impact that the above may have on you and your business.