61 Outsourcing Solutions

Over recent years we have seen a shift in business consultancy and processing of information. While a finance department may have all aspects of this in hand we find the required information for management decisions is not always readily available at the right time. Nunn Hayward LLP, Chartered Accountants saw the vision and set up 61 Outsourcing Solutions, a trading name of Nunn Hayward LLP, Chartered Accountants that can gear-up to clients’ needs in respect of processing and analysing information to a give real time management reporting tool.

With the use of cloud technology and automation systems and processes can be streamed lined to any client’s needs. Whether we are involved in all day to day processing or prepare and review management accounts will depend on each individual client, we can adapt to anyone's needs.

61 supplies a vast range of service to both businesses and individual. This includes:

  • Business set-up to break even
    • Cashflow
    • Companies House registration & HMRC liaison
    • Business plan
  • Process design
    • Building robust business processes and controls
    • Purchase to pay
    • Revenue to receivables
  • Cloud accounting
  • Management information
  • Outsourced accounting function
  • Financial Directory and CFO support
  • Simplification
  • Making Tax Digital
  • Cloud reporting tool
61 Franchise Report
61 Accountancy Report

For more information on our 61 Outsourcing Solutions, please visit www.WeAre61.com or contact a member of the team call 01753 888211.