Commercial tenant eviction ban

Set to end: 25 March 2022

Businesses that have had to remain closed during the pandemic (due to restrictions or lockdowns) and have, therefore, been unable to pay rent on their commercial property, will be protected from eviction.

Legislation has been introduced to aid businesses most affected by the pandemic. With this, there is an expectation that landlords are to make allowances for the rent arrears from these specific periods.

The legislation aims to help tenants and landlords come to an agreement on how to handle the money owed – examples of how to do this include waiving some of the total amount or agreeing a longer-term repayment plan.

In cases where an agreement cannot be made, a legally binding agreement will be made that both parties must adhere to.

The Government has also made clear that businesses who are able to pay rent, must do so. Tenants should start paying their rent as soon as restrictions change, and they are given the green light to open.

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It was announced on 16 June 2021 that the evictions ban on commercial tenants for non-payment of rent will be extended again until the 25 March 2022.